About us

Radiojar was launched in 2013 with the vision of empowering radio stations progress into the internet cloud era.

Radiojar project idea conceived in 2011 and started from a team with exceptional engineering skills. Through continued iterations and RnD, the team proudly presented a programmable platform which can deliver solutions both out of the box and customisable even for the most demanding cases.

Using audio computing and distributed architecture the company offers cloud first solutions with infinite scalability. It focuses on two major technology fields, cloud play-out and digital audio delivery.

As a technology provider, Radiojar addresses challenges and delivers solutions for traditional FM/AM, media groups, web only radio stations, music providers, in-store music solutions and service providers around audio.

  • Stathis Koutsogeorgos
    Stathis Koutsogeorgos
    Chief Executive Officer
    Stathis had been successfully leading the development of web solutions since the internet's first steps. He is always bursting with crazy ideas like internet radio should be all about people and not about robots. He is the initial pioneer of Radiojar and convinced many to follow. He breaks stuff faster than they get fixed.
  • Christos Fragoulides
    Christos Fragoulides
    Chief Information Officer
    Christos loves electronic music and frequently performs as a DJ. He has a physics background, as well as years of experience in computer engineering, and is Java specialist. His focus is designing, engineering and innovating the technologies backing Radiojar’s platform.
  • Vartan Aivazian
    Vartan Aivazian
    Chief Development Officer
    Vartan is a software engineer experienced in diverse programming environments and obsessed with coding principles. He is also obsessed with making Radiojar’s back-end services rock. When not sitting behind a computer screen, he enjoys cold beer and good live music, or strumming his guitar at home.
  • Alexandros Zoupas
    Alexandros Zoupas
    Account Manager
    Alexandros is fond of movies, he is really into them. He’s a fool for sci-fis, loves comedies, adores documentaries, is passionate about musicals and will drop tears over any good old drama. Customer's advocate, consistent, focused, always there, coming with this special ability to forge happy endings for all dramas.
  • Kostas Giannidis
    Kostas Giannidis
    Back-end developer
    Kostas is a manga-reading, video-game playing, software engineer, interested in everything about technology and programming. His favorite programming languages are C++ and Java. Ideally, he would like to turn his favourite drink (hot chocolate) to bits too, but until he figures out how do it he is content to simply enjoy drinking it.
  • Thodoris Liakos
    Thodoris Liakos
    Back-end developer
    Thodoris is into Java, data analysis, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. He is also a self-tought musician who plays guitar and creates electronic music tracks in his FL studio.
  • Daniel Datsev
    Daniel Datsev
    Back-end developer
    Daniel is a compulsive simplifier, always looking for elegant software solutions with emphasis on readability and reusability. He is currently focused on web development and back-end programming. When not refactoring his code "for the last time" he’s improving his drawing skills while listening to deep electronic music.
  • Nikos Kotzias
    Nikos Kotzias
    Front-end developer
    Nikos is an IT student at Athens University of Economics and Business and front end engineer at Radiojar. Besides his interest in web design, he also likes drawing, painting, rock music and watching movies.
  • Vasilis Lianos
    Vasilis Lianos
    Back-end developer
    Vasilis is a physics graduate who discovered the magic in code alone at home. He continued his studies with a post degree in Information Technology to discover more. His favorite language became C and Java. He likes, as he claims, all kinds of music, except opera, some of which he tries to play with his guitar.
  • Panos Koundouros
    Panos Koundouros
    Quality Assurance & Tech Support
    Panos is a quality assurance agent with a deep musical background.He is an audio/master engineering specialist, with experience in the web-radio and recording studio industry.Fan of the underground scene and good music in general. He frequently performs as a DJ on various events.
  • Maria Konstantinidou
    Maria Konstantinidou
    Front-end developer
    Maria is the newest member of Radiojar. She’s a front end-developer and she is really dedicated to any task in hand. Only thing that can distract her from a project is her cat Rosa when she’s craving for her attention. Her connection with music is so deep, she fell in love during a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre.
  • Tasos Kolokathis
    Tasos Kolokathis
    Front-end developer
    Tasos is a whole different story. Javascript guru and on his way to full stack development. Has got a multi-thread processor mounted into his mind. Once designed a three-player chess game and then graduated middle school.
  • Yiannis Exilzes
    Yiannis Exilzes
    Front-end developer
    Yiannis is a (wannabe) professional football player. While he’s recovering from injuries, he’s working his way through WordPress, Joomla and Wix. Built a station’s website for fun, got paid in concert tickets