Pricing plans

Simplified plans to match any needs.

    • Simulcast
    • 10/mo
    • select
    • Unlimited listeners
    • NO automation
    • 1 user
    • Standard support
    • Broadcaster
    • 20/mo
    • select
    • Unlimited listeners
    • 20GB storage
    • 1 user
    • Standard support
    • Network
    • 100/mo
    • select
    • Unlimited listeners
    • 100GB storage
    • 50 users (admins / DJs)
    • Priority support
    • Enterprise
    • Contact us
    • contact
    • Private streaming network
    • Unconstrained storage
    • Custom user portal
    • Account manager

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All plans include:

  • Unlimited listeners and listening hours
  • Multiple stations management with single account
  • Personalised player and url for each station
  • Plug n play widgets and tools for your site
  • Virtual studio for stations with automation
  • Online Listeners Counter
  • Stream relay
  • Listener's chat
  • Analytics and reports
  • Developer APIs
  • Customer support portal
  • HTTP/HTTPS Stream URLs

Additional services for Enterprise solutions:

  • Listeners filtering and management
  • Vast integration with 3rd party ad providers
  • Multiple relays and transcoded output streams
  • Online/offline channels (learn more)
  • Account and global users management
  • Private big data infrastructure
  • Portal branding and customisations
  • SLA for availability and support

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best plan for an FM/AM station?
    Just select the Simulcast plan and you are all covered. Radiojar can offer advanced solutions for FM get in touch if you want to learn more.
  • What is automation?
    Automation makes your station run 24x7, when you are not online or none of your show hosts is broadcasting live. We use sophisticated scheduling to match your needs for auto-pilots, playlists and live shows. We use a separate break management system as to make sure that your break are always properly scheduled, and you do not need to rely on your show hosts.
  • What if I want to broadcast live from a studio or my home?
    This is by default available for all plans and channels. Just locate the “broadcast link” in your online management and connect your software to run with Radiojar streaming. You may also use any icecast compatible third party broadcasting tool for this purpose.
  • How can I broadcast my content to Facebook?
    You may broadcast live to your Facebook page though the Virtual Studio. Using Facebook live, you can connect and broadcast your show, select the preview image and see the broadcast analytics like the number of viewers, the names of other verified people or Pages who are tuning in, and a real-time stream of comments. The Virtual Studio is available for all plans except Simulcast.
  • What is the user management, do i need it?
    Radiojar is built on the philosophy of user collaboration for radio stations. The user management tools enable you to efficiently manage your DJs and radio producers providing them with their own private credentials that can be revoked any time.
  • How many concurrent listeners will i have?
    The common practice for streaming providers is to assign your station to a single server. Therefore your station’s capacity is the one that server shares with other stations. Radiojar is nothing like that. We use distributed architecture based on proprietary technology, separating your station source with the one that is delivered to your listeners. In this way serve your listeners from multiple locations, taking advantage the capacity of the entire infrastructure we own. If you have doubts feel free to ask for a demo from our engineers.
  • So why select Radiojar for my business?
    Radiojar is a platform based on cloud computing for audio, developed to be a high performance service, flexible and fully scalable to match the needs of even of the most demanding station owner. After long years of development and testing we can safely say along with our satisfied customers that so far there is no match for such a sophisticated cloud solution.
  • Where can I find the web based virtual studio?
    Virtual studio is supported with the automation option. If your plan allows it, then it will be enabled in your administration panel as well as your users’ when it’s time for their show.
  • How will I be charged?
    You will be charged based on the selected plan immediately after your station is set up. We support 30 days money back in case you request an account cancellation and you haven't use the service.
  • How does Radiojar's billing cycle work?
    When you activate your station, a monthly/yearly billing cycle begins. On the same date next month/year, you will be charged the price of your plan for the month/year ahead. This continues as long as your radio station is active and broadcasting. As a station owner, you have full control of the billing on the station's admin panel, including invoices & balance, plan details, usage. You can cancel any time.
  • Is my payment information safe?
    We use Braintree a company owned by Paypal to manage the payments. Radiojar never stores your payment information and lets Paypal take good care of it keeping it safe for you.
  • Where is my library stored?
    We are using the top providers to host your media files on the cloud, safe and full redundant. Your library is stored separately from your station and can grow to any size seamlessly. Your media are well protected and no­one, not even you have access to the binaries but the cloud playout system of Radiojar.
  • What is show management?
    If you have user management enabled for your station you are able to create shows and invite DJs to manage them. Station admins control the schedules and hosts have control of episodes to play in those slots. They can either go Live with virtual studio, or their equipment OR upload prerecorded shows and manage episode's playlist.
  • What about audio quality?
    All plans except Simulcast are set up for constant 128 Kbps regardless in which quality you broadcast or your files are. You can request to adjust your quality if you need more or less depended on your station. For Simulcast plan you just get the quality in which you broadcast.
  • We are a nonprofit organisation. Are we eligible for a discount?
    Yes, Radiojar can offer a 20% discount. Please contact and provide a relevant legal document to confirm your non-profit status.

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Radiojar is a modular platform that covers most aspects of audio industry. Lets connect and discuss about your business.