DJ Management

Effortlessly manage DJs and shows

Show scheduling on Radiojar is as easy as drag & drop. You choose the level of DJ access, from full administrative rights for the regulars to one-time access for guest DJs.

DJ Collaboration Tools


Radiojar makes it easy for many people to work on a radio station together. Communication tools, access control, shared libraries and collaborative shows make doing radio together easy.

DJ Management

  • No more credentials sharing

    Use the virtual studio or direct link with your own username & password, no need to share with anyone.

  • Collaborative shows

    More than one DJ can do a show together, each from a different location.

  • No audio gaps

    Radiojar makes the switch from one DJ to another seamless. No audio gaps, just smooth crossfades.

  • Communication tools

    Admins can create shows and assign DJs to them, or leave DJs to create their own shows.

  • Access control

    DJs can only broadcast when they're scheduled to.

  • Live shows

    Take control over your live stream with Radiojar's shows and episodes features. Create and schedule shows, assign them to your DJs and go live together.

  • Shows' episodes

    Break your shows down to episodes, keep your listeners interested with different content each time.

  • Edit your shows' profile

    Manage your shows' logo, cover image and tagline, let listeners know what it's all about.

Show profile