DJ Management

Effortlessly manage DJs and shows

Show scheduling on Radiojar is as easy as drag & drop. You choose the level of DJ access, from full administrative rights for the regulars to one-time access for guest DJs.

DJ Management

DJ Collaboration Tools


Radiojar makes it easy for many people to work on a radio station together. Communication tools, access control, shared libraries and collaborative shows make doing radio together easy.

DJ Management

  • No more credentials sharing

    Use the virtual studio or direct link with your own username & password, no need to share with anyone.

  • Collaborative shows

    More than one DJ can do a show together, each from a different location.

  • No audio gaps

    Radiojar makes the switch from one DJ to another seamless. No audio gaps, just smooth crossfades.

  • Communication tools

    DJs can message each other and ask to join new stations. Admins can create shows and assign DJs to them, or leave DJs to create their own shows.

  • Access control

    DJs can only broadcast when they're scheduled to.


DJ Management

Radiojar allows you to create precise schedules for your radio station. You can control what goes on air and when, and at the same time control DJ access. You can schedule live shows (done through the Virtual Studio or a direct link), fixed playlists or Pilots. At the times when there's nothing scheduled, the station's default pilot takes over.

The scheduler works in conjunction with Radiojar's Web Automation features to give you control over who plays when on your station.

  • Admin rights

    You can give access to the scheduler to administrator, station DJs or even to any Radiojar DJ.

  • Custom colours

    Change the colours to suit your liking and make it cleaner.

  • Access control

    DJs can only access Radiojar (through the web interface or a direct link) only during the times when they have a scheduled show.

  • Recurring schedules

    Create items that repeat daily, on weekdays or on weekends. Items can expire on specific days or after a specific number of occurrences.

  • Timezone support

    The scheduler supports different time zones to allow collaboration with DJs around the world.

  • Schedule widget

    Use our Widgets to embed your station's weekly schedule in your website.

  • Drag n drop

    Scheduling is easy: Just drag and drop items in place!