Listener Filtering

Engage with your audience, one person at a time

Use Radiojar's filtering tools and make your station stand out!

Know each one, serve and handle each one


Radiojar's proprietary technology supports a filtering method based on IP-based rules (single IP, IP groups, geolocation) targeting a certain stream or a group of streams.

Administrators are granted access to a 'Rules' admin panel, through which they can create stream groups, IP groups and geo groups, and the filtering process is handled.


Following a match of rule(s) and stream(s), one of the following actions will apply:

  • Drop

    Listener connection is dropped (block access to the stream), optionally injecting a static media file (prompt) before the action.

  • Continue

    Allow listeners to audition the stream, optionally injecting a static media file (prompt) before the action.

  • VAST

    Serve pre-rolls and mid-rolls from any VAST compliant ad-provider like Adswizz, Targetspot, Triton Digital, Google DFP. Learn more on our digital audio ads integration.

  • Redirect

    Listeners are redirected to a different stream.

Rules actions

Real life ‘Listener filtering’ applications


  • Promote your station, website and mobile apps

    Serve your listeners your station's logo or show jingles before they access the stream. Encourage them to tune-in through your own website and mobile apps.

  • Advertise your shows' sponsors and their events

    Serve listeners your sponsors' promos before they access your stream. Advertise their events, schedule when the event's jingle will air.

  • Be creative

    Run exclusive online contests, announce contest info to your online listeners only. Serve different promos even to listeners originating from the same country.

  • A/B TEST

    Serve different prompts to different listener groups and check the results.

  • Get personal

    Greet you listeners in their own language!