Virtual Studio

Broadcast from anywhere

With Radiojar, you can broadcast a radio show from anywhere in the world using just a computer with internet access. Our virtual studio allows you to mix music and voice live on air through a web browser, without the need for any audio mixing software or hardware equipment. Prefer to use your own professional studio? You can always hook it up to Radiojar.

A complete studio in your browser


Radiojar's virtual studio was designed to give you the versatility of doing a proper live show when you are away from your studio or your computer.

Virtual Studio

  • No software/hardware

    Use it from any connected computer, no hardware/software required.

  • Location independence

    Do a live show anywhere you can have a connected laptop. Cover live events!

  • Voice

    Use your computer's or an external microphone to talk to your audience. Radiojar compressors automatically detect voice and lower the music volume at your desired level. You can even hook up external apps like Skype if you can be bothered to install a couple of extra small apps!

  • Perfect for slow connections

    As everything is cloud based, you don't have to rely on a fast and always-on internet connection. Even in the event you get disconnected, your show will go on powered by Radiojar's Web Automation, based on your settings. You can continue your show when you connect again, it will be as if you'd never left!

  • Automatic/Manual Mode

    You can have Radiojar automatically run through a playlist but you can interrupt it at any time and do things manually.

Share and connect


The virtual studio, in combination with Radiojar's powerful web automation features allows you to bring your live shows to a whole new level:

  • Collaborative shows

    Invite a DJ from a different part of the world to do a live show with you! With Radiojar's DJ Management, You get to have complete access control.

  • Personalized settings

    Each DJ has its own preferences for microphone setup, handling input volume, silence levels, timeouts and voice over levels.

  • Shared media libraries

    Access your own or your radio station's complete Media Library from within the virtual studio, including playlists.

  • Live chat

    Chat with your listeners without leaving the studio.

  • Direct upload

    Is your library missing a specific track? Upload it directly from the studio.

  • Listener stats

    See your current listeners and their location on the map without leaving the studio.

Virtual Studio

  • Powered by WebRTC

    Τhe next generation in audio conferencing is used for the microphone of the studio. With the new Adobe Flash®-free interface, the Virtual Studio is not only available on most popular tablets but also provides great user experience with high audio quality. Currently Chrome and Firefox fully support WebRTC, for other browsers microphone might not be available.