Web automation

Schedule and automate with great flexibility

Radio automation systems make sure your station is always on the air and sounds good. They manage playing jingles and ads on time, putting up playlists for when no DJ is playing, and taking over if things go wrong with your live broadcast.



When you can't have a DJ doing a live show you have to fill up the time somehow. Instead of using third party tools that rely on low-tech solutions such as CSV files and remote FTP folders, Radiojar gives you powerful web tools.


  • Default pilots

    When the broadcast link goes down or a DJ doesn't turn up to do their show, the default Pilot kicks in and saves the day.

  • Text search

    Use text search to match any song attributes.

  • Use multiple attributes

    You can use artist names, album names, tags or free text search to match tracks.

  • Tagging

    You can use any tags you have created and assigned in the Media Library to match tracks.

  • Get estimates

    Pilots give you an estimate of how many different playlists they can generate with the rules you've set.

  • Set repeat limits

    Set limits for repeating the same artist or the same song.

  • No audio gaps

    Radiojar's powerful Web Automation and DJ Management features will make sure that there are no gaps in your audio stream, tracks and shows will cross-fade smoothly.



Radiojar is the only web-based automation service that gives you the tools to schedule specific jingles & ads to play at specific times, without having to include them in playlists. You can change the promo messages at any time and have complete control on how they play on your station.


  • Weekly overview

    You can have a weekly overview of all your breaks.

  • Schedule break slots

    Breaks can play as often as you like, but only on specific slots that you designate.

  • Choose a jingle from a set

    You can create break items that select one from a set of specified jingles/promos in random every time they plays.

  • Multiple break items

    You can have multiple break items with different activation and expiry dates.

  • Break item ordering

    Set the order of your jingles and commercials any way you want, for every break slot.

  • Interrupt options

    You can choose whether to interrupt the playing track and play the break items on time, or wait for the last track to finish.

  • Intrerrupt recovery options

    You can choose whether to continue the interrupted track or continue with the next one.

  • Interrupt priority

    If you are using DJ Management, you can select whether breaks will interrupt your show or not.

Break schedule



Radiojar allows you to create precise schedules for your radio station. You can control what goes on air and when, and at the same time control DJ access. You can schedule live shows, fixed playlists or Pilots. At the times when there's nothing scheduled, the station's default pilot takes over.

The scheduler works in conjunction with Radiojar's DJ Management to give you control over who has access to do live shows.


  • Drag n drop

    Scheduling is easy: Just drag and drop items in place!

  • Custom colors

    Change the colours to suit your liking and make it cleaner.

  • Reccuring schedules

    Create items that repeat daily, on weekdays or on weekends. Items can expire on specific days or after a specific number of occurrences.

  • Admin rights

    You can give access to the scheduler to administrators, station DJs or even to any Radiojar DJ.

  • Break item ordering

    Set the order of your jingles and commercials any way you want, for every break slot.

  • Access Control

    DJs can access Radiojar (through the web interface or a direct link) only during the times of their scheduled show.

  • Timezone support

    The scheduler supports different time zones to allow collaboration with DJs around the world.

  • Rebroadcast

    You can choose to rebroadcast from another source/stream and schedule accordingly these rebroadcasts.

  • Widgets

    Every station hosted on Radiojar can take advantage of our modern and fully customizable widgets, including: player, chat and more.