Real-time private chat

Intrigue, chat, connect

Our all new, desktop and mobile responsive chat widget

Meet your listeners, encourage them to meet you

Radiojar’s newly updated chat feature is here to rock your world. Embed an IFrame widget in your website in a matter of minutes and chat with your audience real-time. No need to install any software, everything is hosted in the cloud.

  • Keep in touch

    Add your personal touch and gain listener loyalty.
    Get your listeners to meet your DJs.
    Keep your listeners in the mood by interacting with producers.
    Establish a personal connection with your audience.

    Monitor and respond to messages through a modern, mobile responsive, browser-based app. Visit and check it out!

  • Private Chat Console

  • Easy to integrate, easy to use

    Use an IFRAME widget in your website, enable listeners to either connect via their social media or select an avatar before messaging you.

Private Chat Widget